Auto AC

Service & Repair

Air conditioning in your car is a necessity in the desert. While comfort is the main reason to have your vehicle AC repaired, a malfunctioning cooling system can also be part of a bigger problem with your electrical system.

Possible Causes of Malfunctioning AC in Your Car

  • Loose Equipment – A hose could come undone, as this often happens to the blower hose that supplies air to the unit.
  • Weak Airflow – Evaporator case could have mildew from residual moisture left after the cooling process.
  • Broken Ventilator Fan – If the fan is unable to move air, your airflow will be weak or nonexistent.
  • Opened Seals – AC ventilation systems are very sensitive and must remain sealed. If your car's core case seal, blower house seal, or evaporator core seal is compromised, your system will not function properly.

Auto AC

Your Vehicle's Air System

While so many things can go wrong with a vehicle cooling system, a thorough evaluation will provide the insights needed to get it up and running again. If your vehicle air conditioner is not working properly or completely, trust the professionals at Hontech to fix your AC system in a timely manner and at an affordable rate.